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VetVet is a free tool for practices to help them find great vendors and other companies to support them, including technology providers and practice and real estate buyers. We're on a mission to help veterinary teams find great companies to work with.

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We help veterinary teams find great companies to work with.

Stop wasting time on calls with vendors and other companies. We're your one stop shop to help you find great companies to support you.

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Practice Sales

We can help you navigate the complex process of selling your practice. Including helping you find a buyer that matches your unique situation.

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Veterinary technology can be a blessing in terms of helping you get more from your existing staff. However navigating the dozens of providers in the industry today can be incredibly difficult. We help make it easy.
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Equipment and Supplies

We can help you find great partners to support your veterinarian equipment supply needs.

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HR + Staffing Services

Finding great staff is one of the hardest things in the industry. We help you do that fast.

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Payment processing costs too high? Need help finding payment plan options for clients. We're here to help.

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Why VetVet?

Find great vendors without needing a crystal ball. Search by problem or category and Compare products in the same category to help you narrow down what's best for you.